Sydney… here we come!

As I’ve mentioned before, all I’ve really wanted to do for a long while now is pack up the car and travel around with my dogs… So on my recent annual leave I planned what I had hoped to be the first of many ‘Big Things’ journeys with Toby and Audrey.

Turns out that the old saying “best laid plans” actually rings true.

The trip kind of turned into a bit of a bucket list trip for my boy Toby. So if this would be the only Big Trip we would take together, what are the things we would need to ‘tick off a list’?

Fancy, luxury hotel stay would definitely be one.

Even though the original trip itinerary had to change due to floods, we still knew we were headed for Sydney. Whilst not strictly on the Australian ‘Big Things’ list, we/I thought it would be fun to walk around Sydney Harbour and see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge (Big Coat Hanger and Big Sails!) We/I also wanted to stay a night at Pier One Sydney Harbour in one of their special Dog Friendly rooms. Fancy, luxury hotel…tick!

After a leisurely start to our morning in Goulburn we hit the highway and headed toward Sydney. We took a small detour on the way into the city via the small town of Picton and a stop off at the house of our dear friends Wendy and Rob – stop in for The Pop In! A lovely morning was spent with wonderful chats and laughs out on the verandah as we caught up over coffee and cake and cookies and slice…

Back on the road and thankful for the Suzuki Swift in built navigation system we made the trip through the suburbs and into the CBD of Sydney.

Driving up to our Hotel, Pier One Sydney, we were blown away by the location – literally under the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

The fully loaded, little Suzuki drove up to the Valet and we were welcomed by a parade of wonderful staff members who picked up our entire swag of luggage and even took the puppies inside in their stroller.

While I did all of the checking in paperwork with the lovely Sally, I had to have a bit of a giggle looking across the lobby at my Mum and the puppies chatting merrily with the boys (Isai and Eduardo) sipping on her glass of sparkling wine!

So, the thing with staying in a Dog Friendly Room is that you are in a bit of a different part of the hotel. The room was a little smaller than how it appeared on the website… but it was still beautiful. And really this was not about me, which was evident as we stepped into the main area of the room and saw the spongy Snooza Dog Bed and the Dogue Gift Bag waiting for Toby and Audrey.

Tobes made an immediate beeline for the bed and snuggled in for a nap, Audie explored each area of the main room and bathroom then stretched out on the cool floors, and my Mum relaxed on the human bed finishing her sparkling wine :o)

After a little rest we took a walk around the Harbour and The Rocks. It was a bit windy along the pathway, which turned out to be very beneficial for my blind boy – he simply loved all the sea air smells whipping across the Harbour. We took our pics with the Opera House and the Bridge and moseyed back to our fancy room.

Dinner was a casual affair just down from the hotel and across from the Sydney Theatre Company. In fact so casual that Toby and Audrey slept through the entire thing! Then we headed back to the room where we all relaxed, watched some telly or had a snooze.

The next day we had a sleep in day (or rather an “up for 7am insulin shot, some room service and back to bed day”). We had come for the room, so we were going to make the most of it!

As 11am rolled around it was time to check out of our luxury stay and head off to the coast…

Such a wonderful, welcoming stay at Pier One from arrival through to departure – top notch location, venue and people.

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