Meeting Big Marilyn Monroe

Toby & Audrey at Marilyn Monroe statue in Bendigo
Tiny Dogs with Big Marilyn Monroe
So a little while back we went for a visit to our Nan & Pop’s in Bendigo. While we were there we saw this amazing statue standing at the gateway to the city’s Rosalind Park, so of course we had to make this the first stop on our Big Things journey!

Marilyn Monroe was a big dog lover, some of her dogs names were Tippy, Mussie, Hugo and Maf. Perhaps only dogs could understand Marilyn Monroe, could know what she was hiding deeply inside her soul. Dogs, like nobody else can keep secrets…Marilyn used to say: “Dogs never bite me. Only people.”

~Seward Johnson USA; Forever Marilyn, 2011; stainless steel and aluminum. This statue is standing tall at Charing Cross Bendigo and is a delightful sight to see as you drive into the centre of the city.

There’s an amazing exhibition featuring Marilyn Monroe artefacts and private items from various collections around the world on now at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

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  1. Lucie says:

    Little cuties

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